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Winners of the Model Repository Challenge 2017

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The winners are: Elke Krekels and Catherijne Knibbe, Elena Maria Tosca, Joachim Grevel, Robin Svensson, Agneta Ekholm, Melanie Wilbaux, Alienor Berges, Oskar Clewe, Andre Jackson and Liesbeth de Lange. Thanks to Elke and Catherijne a total of 8 models have been shared on specific populations such as preterm, neonates and anybody in the world dealing with therapeutic monitoring of morphine…

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Where to share your model best?

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The ISOP technology committee recently requested feedback through a survey with the topic “How do you share?” ( asking how people share models and modeling scripts. At the time of writing, over 100 people have filled in responses. There is a split of about 50 / 50 between academic and industrial respondents. Of particular interest…

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