Model Repository Community

Welcome to the DDMoRe Model Repository community !!

On this page, you will find useful information to join our community so you can be up to date of the last discussions, the progress we are making in solving issues and with how many volunteers we are collaborating.

Join us any time!…. you are almost there….

How to join our DDMoRe Model Repository community?

Please register here if you would like to join our Model Repository Community Group and tick the box Model Repository.  We will provide you access to our shared platform where you will access to:

  1. Minutes of our last meetings and dates of the future ones
  2. Our group, who we are and what we expect
  3. Credentials so you can access our project management portal with tasks and progresses
  4. Last version of the model annotation End User Requirement

How to share your model?

You can fill the model repository with your most recent innovative models  here, click on submit, we will ask you to create an account (if not yet registered). Then follow the guidelines the DDMoRe consortium defined for the community.

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