Model Certification

Requesting review for DDMoRe model certification

The MQP is a standardized process described here, which involves a model review process that is carried out by a body of qualified experts (DDMoRe Modelling Review Group, MRG) who evaluates the technical model validity, a procedure resembling a journal peer-review.

There are certain prerequisites for your model to be eligible (see section 3.1 of the MQP document):
•    Model is published in the DDMoRe Model Repository
•    The model is published in full-length peer-reviewed article and sufficiently described.
•    The model is coded in executable MDL/PharmML.
•    The MDL/PharmML model code represents the original model without modifications or simplifications that may alter its properties.
•    The model submitter has access to the results from the model using the real original data with the executable MDL/PharmML code.

When requesting review for model certification you will need to provide additional information (Please see overview in Table 1 of the MQP and the template, which should be completed and provided in the request for review.
Please read through the MQP thoroughly before requesting.

Once you are ready and you would like to obtain a certification for your model entry, please request via email as follows:

Send an email to [email protected]

Email subject should be: Request for DDMoRe model certification – Model entry DDMORE0000126

The email should contain your name, affiliation and the email where you can be reached and in addition, at least, the following information:

Dear DDMoRe modelling review group,

I hereby request a review by MRG for DDMoRe model certification for model entry DDMORE0000xxx.

According to the instructions, find the following documents provided:
1. Completed template
2. name additional file…
3. name additional file…
4. name additional file…

Email address:


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