Interoperability in R

Interoperability in R is an R-package that allows you to take advantage of the interoperability tools developed and maintained by DDMoRe.

The concept of interoperability is illustrated in the figure below. By writing one model, in a universal model description language (MDL), you can use that model with a range of Modelling and Simulation (M&S) tools. IOR has been developed as an easy to use R package that hides these technical details and enables you, the modeller, to focus on modelling.

Figure 1. MDL is translated into an intermediate, machine-readable language PharmML, that is then translated into native langueg (eg. NMTRAN). Results are converted into an R object in Standardized Output Format
(another DDMoRe standard) to enable analysis by your favourite R analysis tool.


IOR installs as a standard R package and then needs to be configured to find the location of your local tools (e.g. NONMEM, PsN). Figure 2 shows IOR in action estimating a model written in MDL, estimated in NONMEM and with a scatter plot of individual parameter estimates generated in R.

Figure 2. IOR is a regular R package and can be installed and used in your favourite R development environment, Here, we are using it in RStudio.

Feature Summary

Support modelling with:

Winbugs (Windows only)
VPC using PsN
Export to Xpose (xpdb format)

O/S supported


First public release schedules for June/July 2018

Supporting the project
This project and the DDMoRe Foundation are dependent on funding from the community. If you would like to find out more about you can support the development of IOR please contact us at: [email protected].

All original project outcomes from the DDMoRe Consortium

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