Design principles


Design Principle Realization of Principle Implication for Foundation
Sustainable Able to maintain and grow both standards and infrastructure for the benefit of the global community over time The exchange standards need to be adopted by the community in order to be viable and become vital. Future infrastructure developments, beyond those created by DDMoRe, need to embrace these standards. DDMoRe Foundation has a role in increasing awareness and encouraging adoption.
Representative Of a broad range of organization categories within the global community The DDMoRe Consortium was EU centric whereas the DDMoRe Foundation has to be global in outlook. In the start-up phase of the Foundation, industry and academic organizations will be invited to become partners. Following a successful completion of the start-up phase, other organizational types (Regulatory Agencies, CROs, Scientific Societies, Journals etc.) and Individual Contributors will be invited to enter into partner agreements with the Foundation.
Easily accessible Organizations can easily become Foundation Partners and derive benefit from both the public domain and Foundation Partner specific content/output Active management of the “blend” of public domain and partner specific benefits of DDMoRe content and products will be a constant theme for the Foundation Board and the Global Foundation Partnership. The Global Foundation Partnership will assist in setting the priorities of the Foundation year on year at the Annual General Assembly of Partners meeting.
Financially viable Able to generate sufficient revenue to cover costs Maintenance of public domain content will have associated costs (hosting, queries, bug fixes etc.). Update and developments to either public domain or partners’ specific benefits will also have resource/cost implications. The DDMoRe Foundation is required to generate sufficient revenue to cover the costs associated with Global Foundation Partners ambitions
Not for profit Reinvesting profit in maintaining and improving standards and  infrastructure for the community This is an important feature of the DDMoRe Foundation as it will it will facilitate its ability to be representative of and service the interest of a broad range of organizational types. It is also unambiguous for any resource or content contributor what the motivation of and the delivery priorities of the DDMoRe Foundation are and will be.
Not competitive Not a competitor for commercial suppliers, but seeding competition to improve tools for the community The DDMoRe Foundation will lobby, leverage and motivate for enhancement and improvements that benefit the Global Foundation Partners. These enhancements may be manifest as tools emanating from academic foundation partners or commercial suppliers (who provide foundation partners favourable terms of use).
Independent Autonomous, not relying on financing from, or viewpoint of a particular institution(s) The DDMoRe Foundation seeks to unambiguously represent the interests of the Global Foundation Partnership. The agreed priorities for the  DDMoRe Foundation Partners should be enacted without limitations, bias or conflicts of interest
Efficient “Lean and mean” organization, able to make and act on decisions The DDMoRe Foundation will strive to keep organizational overheads to a minimum in order to reduce running costs and facilitate efficient and effective decision making
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