Model Description Language (MDL)

MDL is a human writeable and human readable language designed to describe pharmacometric models. It is intended to be largely agnostic about the choice of target tool. MDL should facilitate clear and unambiguous definition of models, with information conveyed in a consistent manner to the PharmML representation and onwards to the target software specific code. New modelling applications may take advantage of the standard without having to re-invent how to describe common modelling processes.

User Guide for MDL for the latest development on this standard

Pharmacometric Markup Language (PharmML)

The lack of a common format which would allow for a smooth exchange of models between different software tools used in population pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics such as NONMEM, Monolix or BUGS has been a longstanding problem in the field. PharmML is being developed to become such standard.

Version 0.9

Standard Output (SO)

SO is a tool-independent exchange XML-based format, intended for storage of results in standardised form. It enables effective data exchange within complex workflows as well as supports users in assessing, reviewing and reporting modelling steps.

Version 0.3.1.

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