Repository Challenge

After the great success of the first challenge the DDMoRe community group organized, the volunteers wish to launch its second challenge:

“Win a cash prize by publishing models in the Model Repository


How does it work?

To be eligible for the prize, submission of the models to the DDMoRe model repository should be performed by the applicant himself/herself (not on behalf).

Models to be uploaded by the applicant can be of any kind with preference for models applied to real data. The models should be proposed in advance to the model repository community group ([email protected] just to avoid duplication), with one exception:  models presented for the first time at ACoP 2018 and applied to real data, will be directly eligible for the prize when uploaded.

To be considered eligible, the model should be published in agreement with the submission guidelines of the DDMoRe model repository.

A model uploaded in MDL/PharmML receives 3 credits.

A model uploaded in original code receives 1 credit.

A model not currently available online (i.e. not published in a scientific paper) receives 1 additional credit.

A model based on an accepted abstract of ACoP 2018 and applied on real data receives 1 additional credit.

Who will win?

A panel committee will review the applications that satisfy the eligibility criteria.

The 8 applicants with the highest credit will receive a prize.

What to win?

Prizes will be divided among the 8 applicants (100 euros each) and distributed in December 2018.

Winners will be advertised among the community distributions lists.

The money will be transferred minus transfer fees in Feb 2019

Model submission deadline: 31th December 2018 (end of ACoP post-congress events)


Who are the current sponsors? Willing to become a sponsor?

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