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The DDMoRe Foundation was founded in April 2016 with the aim to maintain and enhance the published open-source DDMoRe standards and tools to deliver and improve the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of Model-Informed Drug Discovery & Development (MID3) and Therapeutic Use. Its current partners consist of Pharmaceutical Companies and Academic Institutions that drive the strong belief that Model-Informed Drug Discovery and Development will profit from standardisation and integration. By elaborating on principles like model sharing and interoperability based on standards, the foundation will support the community with knowledge

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  • Ensure the continuity of the DDMoRe standards and tools for the whole community
  • Join the movement towards standardisation and know ledge integration in the field of MID3
  • Foundation specific partner privileges
  • Assist the Foundation Board in setting the strategic direc tion and priorities for the Foundation


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Interoperability in R

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Three community groups have been created to facilitate the dialogue between the DDMoRe Foundation and the volunteers from our Modelling and Simulation community willing to contribute to the DDMoRe standards and tools.

A foundation team will support each community group with technical and management support.

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Standards & Tools

Around the DDMoRe standards MDL, PharmML and SO we have been building a set of tools and training modules.


Peter Milligan
Head of Pharmacometrics, Pfizer, United Kingdom

Marylore Chenel
Director of Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Director of Pharmacometrics, Servier, France

Stefano Zamuner
Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Modelling & Simulation at GSK, United Kingdom

Mats Karlsson
Professor of Pharmacometrics at Uppsala University, Sweden

Paolo Magni
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Università degli Studi di Pavia, Italy

Pascal Girard
‎Senior Scientific Director, Global Head of Pharmacometry, ‎Merck Group, USA

Katy Wolstencroft
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Bioinformatics at Leiden University, The Netherlands


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New Repository Challenge now open

Posted by Wendy Aartsen in Model Repository | No Comments

“Win a cash prize by publishing models in the Model Repository” After the great success of the first challenge the DDMoRe community group organized, the volunteers wish to launch its second challenge: What to win? Prizes will be divided among the 8 applicants (100 euros each) and distributed in December 2018. Winners will be advertised…

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Winners of the Model Repository Challenge 2017

Posted by Wendy Aartsen in Model Repository | No Comments

The winners are: Elke Krekels and Catherijne Knibbe, Elena Maria Tosca, Joachim Grevel, Robin Svensson, Agneta Ekholm, Melanie Wilbaux, Alienor Berges, Oskar Clewe, Andre Jackson and Liesbeth de Lange. Thanks to Elke and Catherijne a total of 8 models have been shared on specific populations such as preterm, neonates and anybody in the world dealing with therapeutic monitoring of morphine…

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New industrial partner for DDMoRe Foundation

Posted by Wendy Aartsen in Foundation Board | No Comments

Merck has joined the DDMoRe Foundation since the beginning of 2018 and will be represented by Pascal Girard as new member of the DDMoRe Foundation team. Together, the DDMoRe Foundation shall develop an interoperability framework in R. This entails the redesign of the DDMoRe Interoperability framework into interoperability in R available for Windows and Linux.

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