Winners of the Model Repository Challenge 2017

The winners are:

Elke Krekels and Catherijne Knibbe, Elena Maria Tosca, Joachim Grevel,
Robin Svensson, Agneta Ekholm, Melanie Wilbaux, Alienor Berges, Oskar Clewe, Andre Jackson and Liesbeth de Lange.

Thanks to Elke and Catherijne a total of 8 models have been shared on specific populations such as preterm, neonates and anybody in the world dealing with therapeutic monitoring of morphine or phenobarbital in those sensitive populations can benefit from their work now shared online; as an example: ,

Are you involved in the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC)? You now have access to a model linking the different biomarkers collected for this disease thanks to Melanie (

You wonder how to implement simulations of time to event? Or Item response theory? You now have access to examples thanks to Joachim and Elke (see TtE:   see IRT: )

Are you looking for examples of extrapolations of preclinical data to human? (see those examples of Liesbeth: and

Oskar: )

Finally, thanks to Elena the public has now access to an anti-cancer agents model written in MDL the interoperable language designed by the DDMoRe consortium ( ), language pillar for more interoperability between our modelling tools.

We encourage you to also share your work or to contribute by joining our community groups.

We can continue as the repository is filled with 123 annotated models which are directly accessible and executable. Since Sep 2016, when the Foundation took over, 43 new models have been published of these 35 were new entries.
41 published models have been subsequently modified and updated.

The model repository challenge took place between June 30th and December 31st 2017 and was sponsored by:

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