PAGE models for DDMoRe repository

PAGE is encouraging you to upload your model code associated with your presentation to the DDMoRe Model Repository


Have your poster stick out at PAGE meeting 2017

Get your poster stamped by adding your model to the DDMoRe Model Repository. Having your model in the repository makes it easier to share with reviewers and collaborators or to post it on social media.

Submitting your code will require the control stream, a simulated data set to run your model (as you would generate for a VPC, but then for only a single trial), the output from this data set, and the output using your original data underlying your PAGE presentation.

We welcome all submissions and if you are truly ambitious, please test our standards by translating your code to the universal MDL and PharmML format.


Did you contribute before? 

Do you already have a model in the repository?

Re-visit your model and help us to upgrade to the latest interoperable version of PharmML



Posted by Wendy Aartsen in PAGE meeting

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