24th of October 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Title: “Drug Disease Model Resources (DDMoRe) – helping deliver Model-Informed Drug Discovery and Development (MID3)”

Key themes:


Model-Informed Drug Discovery and Development (MID) provides a quantitative basis for informed decision making across all stages of drug development. It is an important component in the derivation of a patient’s drug-related benefit and risk. A lack of common tools, languages and standards for MID3 limits access to existing information and creates significant gaps in the way knowledge can be exploited within drug development.

In the last 5 and a half years, the DDMoRe project has established a set of standards that allows efficient exchange and reuse of knowledge between stakeholders. The standards have been designed both for model and workflow encoding, and for storage and transfer of models and associated metadata.

This session will showcase the different DDMoRe products based on those new standards – the open, publicly available model repository and interoperability framework. The session will also present the concepts DDMoRe would like to further develop i.e. workflow. Finally, we will introduce the DDMoRe Foundation and how it is set-up to maintain and further enhance the DDMoRe infrastructure and standards to contribute to the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of MID3 and therapeutic use.

DDMoRe has now been delivered to the world modeling community. It is no longer a solely “European” project. This session aims also to engage with modelers from the audience and guide anyone who would wish to contribute to the Foundation and to further development of DDMoRe tools and standards.

Brief introduction to IMI, DDMoRe, aims & objectives, deliverables (Presenter: Mike K Smith)

Introduction to the DDMoRe repository (Presenter: Celine Sarr)

Introduction to interoperability (Presenter: Mike K Smith)

Workflow concepts (Presenter: Justin Wilkins)

Future of DDMoRe (Presenter: Mike K Smith)

Questions / General discussion (Moderator: Justin Wilkins)
(Some potential topics for discussion)

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