Model Repository Challenge

One of the recently created and volunteer led DDMoRe community group focusing on the DDMoRe Model Repository wishes to launch its first challenge:

     “Win a prize by publishing models in the Model Repository


Why? to promote exchange and transparency in Science

Who can apply?  Anybody

Take the challenge

How does it work?

  • The types of models to be uploaded by the applicant should be selected from the CPT:PSP list or JPKPD list provided by the model repository community group. These lists have been created to avoid duplication and to provide the community with access to the most recent and/or cited published models.

Add the models to the repository

Select your models by adding your name to the list

The CPT:PSP list or JPKPD list will automatically update itself with your selection

  • Other models (for instance PAGE, ACoP, other journals, etc….) can be accepted for credit, but these should be proposed in advance to the model repository community group ([email protected]).
  • Once the applicant has selected an eligible model from the list, he/she will be required to submit and share that model on the DDMoRe model repository.
  • To be considered eligible, the model should be published following the submission guidelines of the DDMoRe model repository. If the model is uploaded in MDL/ PharmML the applicant will receive 3 credits, if the model is submitted in the original code the applicant will receive 1 credit. If the model is currently not available online, the applicant will receive an additional credit on top.

Who will win?

  • A panel committee will review the applications that satisfy the eligibility criteria.
  • The 5 applicants with the highest credit will receive a prize.

What to win?

  • First (1000 EUR), Second (800 EUR), Third (600 EUR), Fourth (400 EUR) and Fifth place (400 EUR)
  • The prize money may be used to reimburse (in part or wholly) the winners travel expenses (flight/hotel) to attend either a scientific congress or a training workshop.


  • 31st of December 2017


  • When you believe you have completed the challenge, please send an email to [email protected]


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