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A mechanistic, model-based approach to safety assessment in clinical developmentLippert J, Brosch M, von Kampen O, Meyer M, Siegmund HU, Schafmayer C, Becker T, Laffert B, Görlitz L, Schreiber S, Neuvonen PJ, Niemi M, Hampe J, Kuepfer L.PBPKyesPK-Sim/ Matlabyes
A PBPK Model to Predict Disposition of CYP3A-Metabolized Drugs in Pregnant Women: Verification and Discerning the Site of CYP3A Induction.Ke AB, Nallani SC, Zhao P, Rostami-Hodjegan A, Unadkat JD.PBPKnoMATLABno
A Semi-Mechanistic Metabolism Model of CYP3A Substrates in Pregnancy: Predicting Changes in Midazolam and Nifedipine Pharmacokinetics.Quinney SK, Mohamed AN, Hebert MF, Haas DM, Clark S, Umans JG, Caritis SN, Li LPOPPKyesRyes, simulation
Basic concepts in population modeling, simulation, and model-based drug developmentMould DR, Upton RNreviewno(review)no
Comparisons of Analysis Methods for Proof-of-Concept Trials.Karlsson KE, Vong C, Bergstrand M, Jonsson EN, Karlsson MO.disease model,yesPSN, NONMEMsimulation
Effect of Ritonavir on (99m)Technetium-Mebrofenin Disposition in Humans: A Semi-PBPK Modeling and In Vitro Approach to Predict Transporter-Mediated DDIs.Pfeifer ND, Goss SL, Swift B, Ghibellini G, Ivanovic M, Heizer WD, Gangarosa LM, Brouwer KL.semi-PBPKyesWINNONLINsimulation, data set
From pediatric covariate model to semiphysiological function for maturation: part I-extrapolation of a covariate model from morphine to ZidovudineKrekels EH, Neely M, Panoilia E, Tibboel D, Capparelli E, Danhof M, Mirochnick M, Knibbe CA.POPPKyesNONMEMyesAndre Jackson
From Pediatric Covariate Model to Semiphysiological Function for Maturation: Part II-Sensitivity to Physiological and Physicochemical PropertiesKrekels EH, Johnson TN, den Hoedt SM, Rostami-Hodjegan A, Danhof M, Tibboel D, Knibbe CA.semi-PBPKyesSimCyp, NONMEMsimulation, data set
Growth of screen-detected abdominal aortic aneurysms in men: a bayesian analysis.Sherer EA, Bies RR, Clancy P, Norman PE, Golledge J.BaysianyesNONMEMno
Has the time come for predictive computer modeling in CNS drug discovery and developmentGeerts H, Spiros A, Roberts P, Carr R.QSPno(review/vision)no
Integrated pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology model-based analyses to guide GnRH receptor modulator development for management of endometriosisRiggs MM, Bennetts M, van der Graaf PH, Martin SW.Systems PharmacologyyesBerkeley Madonnayes
Modeling interindividual variability in physiologically based pharmacokinetics and its link to mechanistic covariate modelingHuisinga W, Solms A, Fronton L, Pilari S.PBPKyesMATLAByes
Multiscale kinetic modeling of liposomal Doxorubicin delivery quantifies the role of tumor and drug-specific parameters in local delivery to tumorsHendriks BS, Reynolds JG, Klinz SG, Geretti E, Lee H, Leonard SC, Gaddy DF, Espelin CW, Nielsen UB, Wickham TJ.PBPKyesSimBiologyyes
Nonlinear population pharmacokinetics of sirolimus in patients with advanced cancer.Wu K, Cohen EE, House LK, Ramírez J, Zhang W, Ratain MJ, Bies RR.POPPKyesNONMEMyes
Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of severity levels of extrapyramidal side effects with markov elements.Pilla Reddy V, Petersson KJ, Suleiman AA, Vermeulen A, Proost JH, Friberg LEPKPDnoNONMEMno
Pharmacometric Approaches to Guide Dose Selection of the Novel GPR40 Agonist TAK-875 in Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes MellitusPeterson MC, Riggs MM.PBPKyesBerkeley Madonnano
Predicting Nonlinear Changes in Bone Mineral Density Over Time Using a Multiscale Systems Pharmacology ModelNaik H, Lu J, Cao C, Pfister M, Vakilynejad M, Leifke E.POPPKyesNONMEMyes
Simulations to Assess Phase II Noninferiority Trials of Different Doses of Capecitabine in Combination With Docetaxel for Metastatic Breast CancerBruno R, Lindbom L, Schaedeli Stark F, Chanu P, Gilberg F, Frey N, Claret L.Dose-effectyesNONMEMyes
Population Pharmacokinetics of Lumefantrine in Pregnant and Nonpregnant Women With Uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum Malaria in UgandaF Kloprogge, P Piola, M Dhorda, S Muwanga, E Turyakira, S Apinan, N Lindegårdh, F Nosten, NPJ Day, NJ White, PJ Guerin and J TarninPk modelyesNONMEMno
A Generic Integrated Physiologically Based Whole-body Model of the Glucose-Insulin-Glucagon Regulatory SystemS Schaller, S Willmann, J Lippert, L Schaupp, TR Pieber, A Schuppertand T EissingPBPK/PD modelyes (xml)PK-Simno
Pharmacometric Analyses to Support Early Development Decisions for LY2878735: A Novel Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake InhibitorE Raddad, MR Melhem, JS Sloan-Lancaster, JW Miller, SA Van Wart and CM Rubino2 PK-PD modelsyesNONMEMno
Modeling Alzheimer's Disease Progression Using Disease Onset Time and Disease Trajectory Concepts Applied to CDR-SOB Scores From ADNII Delor, J-E Charoin, R Gieschke, S Retout and P JacqminDisease progression modelyesNONMEMyes
A Nonlinear Mixed Effects Pharmacokinetic Model for Dapagliflozin and Dapagliflozin 3-O-glucuronide in Renal or Hepatic ImpairmentJ-S van der Walt, Y Hong, L Zhang, M Pfister, DW Boulton and MO KarlssonpopPKyesNONMEMexample data set
Dose Response and Pharmacokinetics of Tofacitinib (CP-690,550), an Oral Janus Kinase Inhibitor, in the Treatment of Chronic Plaque PsoriasisH Tan, P Gupta, J Harness, R Wolk, S Chapel, A Menter, B Strober, RG Langley, S Krishnaswami and KA PapppopPK model for psoriasisnono
Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Model of NO Metabolome and Methemoglobin Following Long-Term Infusion of Sodium Nitrite in HumansK Vega-Villa, R Pluta, R Lonser, S WooSystem Pharmacology yesNONMEMyes
An Integrated Population Pharmacokinetic Meta-Analysis of Propofol in Morbidly Obese and Nonobese Adults, Adolescents, and ChildrenJ Diepstraten, V Chidambaran, S Sadhasivam, HJ Blussé van Oud-Alblas, T Inge, B van Ramshorst, EPA van Dongen, AA Vinksand CAJ KnibbePk modelnoNONMEM and Splusno
Application of a Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model to Predict OATP1B1-Related Variability in Pharmacodynamics of RosuvastatinRH Roser, S Neuhogg, K Abduljalil, M Chetty, A Rostami-Hodjegan, M JameiPBPK modelnoSimCypNo
Mechanistic Modeling Reveals the Critical Knowledge Gaps in Bile Acid–Mediated DILIJL Woodhead, K Yang, KLR Brouwer, SQ Siler, SH Stahl, JL Ambrosio, D Baker, PB Watkins, BA HowellQSP modelnoMATLABno
Methods for Predicting Diabetes Phase III Efficacy Outcome From Early Data: Superior Performance Obtained Using Longitudinal ApproachesJB Moller, NR Kristernsen, S Klim, MO Karlsson, SH Ingwersen, MC KjellssonLongitudinal analysisyesNONMEMno
Interaction Between Domperidone and Ketoconazole: Toward Prediction of Consequent QTc Prolongation Using Purely In Vitro InformationH Mishra, S Polak, M Jamei, A Rostami-HodjeganPKPD - QTcnoSimCypno
Population Pharmacokinetics and Antimalarial Pharmacodynamics of Piperaquine in Patients With Plasmodium vivax Malaria in ThailandJ Tarnng, P Thana, AP Phyo, KM Lwin, W Hanpithakpong, EA Ashley, NPJ Day, F Nosten, NJ WhitePopPKyesNONMEMno
A Critical Role for Immune System Response in Mediating Anti-influenza Drug Synergies Assessed by Mechanistic ModelingZ Li, H Zhou, Y Lu, T ColatskyQSP model - equations providednoRno
A Mechanistic, Multiscale Mathematical Model of Immunogenicity for Therapeutic Proteins: Part 2—Model ApplicationsX Chen, TP Hickling, P ViciniQSP model - equations providednoMATLABno
A Mechanistic, Multiscale Mathematical Model of Immunogenicity for Therapeutic Proteins: Part 1—Theoretical ModelX Chen, TP Hickling, P ViciniQSP model - equations providednoMATLABno
Model-Based Exposure–Response Analysis of Apixaban to Quantify Bleeding Risk in Special Populations of Subjects Undergoing Orthopedic SurgeryTA Leil, C Frost, X Wang, M Pfister, F LaCretaPKPDnoNONMEMno
A General Network Pharmacodynamic Model–Based Design Pipeline for Customized Cancer Therapy Applied to the VEGFR PathwayX-Y Zhang, MR Birtwistle, JM GalloSBML file in supplementary can be converted to MATLAB modelYes (MATLAB/SBML)MATLAB (SBML)No
Scale Reduction of a Systems Coagulation Model With an Application to Modeling Pharmacokinetic–Pharmacodynamic DataA Gulati, GK Isbister, S DuffullSimplified ODE based QSP modelNoMATLABNo
The Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Relationships of Evacetrapib Administered as Monotherapy or in Combination With StatinS Friedrich, JJP Kastelein, D James, T Waterhouse, SE Nissen, SJ Nicholls, KA KruegerPopPK ModelYesNONMEMNo
Use of a Population Pharmacokinetic Approach for the Clinical Development of a Fixed-Dose Subcutaneous Formulation of TrastuzumabF Hourcade-Potelleret, A Lemenuel-Diot, C McIntyre, M Brewster, B Lum, B BittnerPopPK ModelYes NONMEMNo
A Mechanistic Systems Pharmacology Model for Prediction of LDL Cholesterol Lowering by PCSK9 Antagonism in Human Dyslipidemic PopulationsK Gadkar,N Budha,A Baruch,J D Davis,P Fielder,S RamanujanPKPDyesMATLAB Simbiologyno
Population Pharmacokinetics of Intravenous Artesunate: A Pooled Analysis of Individual Data From Patients With Severe MalariaS G Zaloumis,J Tarning,S Krishna,R N Price,N J White,T M E Davis,J M McCaw,P Olliaro,R J Maude,P Kremsner,A Dondorp,M Gomes,K Barnes,J A SimpsonpopPKyesNONMEMno
Population Pharmacokinetics of Azithromycin in Whole Blood, Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells, and Polymorphonuclear Cells in Healthy AdultsMR Sampson, TP Dumitrescu, KLR Brouwer, VD SchmithPopPK ModelYesPhoenix NLMENo
Model-Based Meta-Analysis for Quantifying Paclitaxel Dose Response in Cancer PatientsD Lu, A Joshi, N Zhang, MM Ren, Y Gao, R Wada, JY JinMBMAYesS-PlusNo
Effects of IL-1β–Blocking Therapies in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modeling Approach to Explore Underlying MechanismsR Palmer, E Nyman, M Penney, A Marley, G Cedersund, B AgoramQSP ModelYesMathematicaNo
Evaluation of 4β-Hydroxycholesterol as a Clinical Biomarker of CYP3A4 Drug Interactions Using a Bayesian Mechanism–Based Pharmacometric ModelTA Leil, S Kasichayanula, DW Boulton, F LaCretaPKPD Bayesian BasedYesNONMEMNo
Model-Based Optimal Design and Execution of the First-Inpatient Trial of the Anti-IL-6, OlokizumabK Krestos, A Jullion, M Zamacona, O Harari, S Shaw, B Boulanger, R OliverPKPD modelYesNONMEMNo
A Model-Based Illustrative Exploratory Approach to Optimize the Dosing of Peg-IFN/RBV in Cirrhotic Hepatitis C Patients Treated With Triple TherapyC Laouénan,J Guedj, G Peytavin, TH Tram Nguyen, M Lapalus, F Khelifa-Mouri, N Boyer, F Zoulim, L Serfaty, J-P Bronowicki, M Martinot-Peignoux, O Lada, T Asselah, C Dorival, C Hézode, F Carrat, F Nicot, P Marcellin, F MentréPKPDyesMlxtranyesJulie Bertrand
Developing Exposure/Response Models for Anticancer Drug Treatment: Special ConsiderationsDR Mould,A-C Walz,T Lave,JP Gibbs,B FrameTutorial PKPDyesnonmem/Ryes
Evaluating the Use of Linear Mixed-Effect Models for Inference of the Concentration-QTc Slope Estimate as a Surrogate for a Biological QTc ModelY Huh, MM HutmacherQT PKPDyesnonmemyes
The Effects of a GLP-1 Analog on Glucose Homeostasis in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Quantified by an Integrated Glucose Insulin ModelRM Røge, S Klim, SH Ingwersen, MC Kjellsson, NR KristensenPKPDyesnonmemyes
Preclinical Modeling of Tumor Growth and Angiogenesis Inhibition to Describe Pazopanib Clinical Effects in Renal Cell CarcinomaA Ouerdani, H Struemper, AB Suttle, D Ouellet, B RibbapopPKPD Tumor growthyesnonmemno
Semi-Mechanism-Bas ed Population Pharmacoki neticModeling of the Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor VismodegibT Lu, B Wang, Y Gao, M Dresser, RA Graham, JY Jinsemi-mechanism popPKyesnonmemno
A Tumor Growth Inhibition Model Based on M-ProteinLevels in Subjects With Relapsed/Refractory MultipleMyeloma Following Single-Agent Carfilzomib UseF Jonsson, Y Ou, L Claret, D Siegel, S Jagannath, R Vij, A Badros, S Aggarwal, R BrunopopPDyesnonmemnoAndre Jackson
Modeling and Predicting Optimal Treatment Scheduling Between the Antiangiogenic Drug Sunitinib and Irinotecan in Preclinical SettingsS Wilson, M Tod, A Ouerdani, A Emde, Y Yarden, A Adda Berkane, S Kassour, MX Wei, G Freyer, B You, E Grenier, B RibbaPD (>10 files of code)yesMatlabno
Prediction of Response to Temozolomide in Low‐Grade Glioma Patients Based on Tumor Size Dynamics and Genetic CharacteristicsP Mazzocco, C Barthélémy, G Kaloshi, M Lavielle, D Ricard, A Idbaih, D Psimaras, M‐A Renard, A Alentorn, J Honnorat, et alpopPKPDyesMlxtranno
Quantitative prediction and clinical evaluation of an unexplored herb–drug interaction mechanism in healthy volunteersBT Gufford, JT Barr, V González-Pérez, ME Layton, JR White Jr, NH Oberlies, MF PainePBPKyesBerkeley MadonnaNo
Use of Longitudinal Dose–Response Modeling toSupport the Effic acy and Tolerability of Alitretinoin inSevere Refractory Chronic Hand Eczema (CHE)GD Schmith,R Singh,R Gomeni,O Graff,AG Hamedani,JS Troughton,SM LearnedDose-response modelyesnonmemno
Dynamic Modeling of the Interaction Between Autophagy and Apoptosis in Mammali an CellsI Tavassoly,J Parmar,AN Shajahan-Haq,R Clarke,WT Baumann,JJ Tysondynamic interaction modelyesmatlabno
Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Fluorescently Labeled Block Copolymer Nanoparticles for Controlled Drug Delivery in Leukemia TherapyMJ Gilkey,V Krishnan,L Scheetz,X Jia,AK Rajasekaran,PS DhurjatiPBPK modelyesmatlabno
Quantification of the Forgivenes s of Drugs to ImperfectAdherenceP Assawasuwannakit,R Braund,SB Duffulladherence modelyesmatlabno
A Joint Model for the Kinetics of CTC Count and PSA Concentration During Treatment in Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate CancerM Wilbaux,M Tod,J De Bono,D Lorente,J Mateo,G Freyer,B You,E Héninjoint modelyesnonmemyesCeline Sarr
A Population Approach to Characte rize InterferonBeta-1b Effect on Contr ast Enhancing Lesions inPatients With Relapsing Remitting Multiple SclerosisA Gulati,F Bagnato,P Villoslada,N Velez de Mendizabalpop PD modelyesnonmemyesAndre Jackson
Resistance Development: A Major Piece in the Jigsaw Puzzle of Tumor Size ModelingN Terranova,P Girard,U Klinkhardt,A MunafoTumor resistance modelyesmlxrno
A Tutorial on Target-Mediated Drug Disposition (TMDD)ModelsP Dua,E Hawkins,PH van der GraafTMDDyesBerkeley Madonnano
Semiphysiologically Based Pharma cokinetic Model of Leflunomide Disposition in Rheumatoid Arthritis PatientsAM Hopkins,MD Wiese,SM Proudman,CE O'Doherty,DJR Foster,RN UptonSemi PBPKyesnonmemyes
A Mechanistic Pharmacokinetic Model for LiverTransporter Substrates Under Liver Cirrhosis ConditionsR Li,HA Barton,TS MaurerPBPKyesMatlabno
Disease Progression/Clinical Outcome Model forCastration-Resistant Prostate Cancer in Patients TreatedWith EribulinJGC van Hasselt, A Gupta, Z Hussein, JH Beijnen, JHM Schellens, ADR Huitemadisease model,yesnonmemno
Integrated Simulation Framework for Toxicity, DoseIntensity, Disease Progression, and Cost Effectivenessfor Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Treatment WithEribulinJGC van Hasselt, A Gupta, Z Hussein, JH Beijnen, JHM Schellens, ADR HuitemaPKPD modelyesnonmemno
Model-Based Once-Daily Darunavir/Ritonavir Dosing Recommendations in Pediatric HIV-1-Infected Patients Aged ≥3 to <12 YearsA Brochot, TN Kakuda, T Van De Casteele, M Opsomer, FL Tomaka, A Vermeulen, P Vispop PK modelyesnonmemno
Analysis of “On/Off” Kinetics of a CETP Inhibitor Using aMechanistic Model of Lipoprotein Metabolism andKineticsJLu, Y Cleary, C Maugeais, CI Kiu Weber, NA Mazermechanistic PK modelyesSimBiology toolbox of MathWor ksno
Modeling Suggests a Mechanism of Synergy Between Hepatitis C Virus Entry Inhibitors and Drugs of Other ClassesP Padmanabhan, NM DixitPD model in vrologyyesmatlabno
Application of a Systems Pharmacology-Based Placebo Population Model to Analyze Long-Term Data of Postmenopausal OsteoporosisJ Berkhout, JA Stone, KM Verhamme, BH Stricker, MC Sturkenboom, M Danhof, TM Postsystem pop PK and biomarker modelyesnomemno
A Systems Pharmacology Model of Erythropoiesis in Mice Induced by Small Molecule Inhibitor of Prolyl Hydroxylase EnzymesI Singh,EE Nagiec,JM Thompson,W Krzyzanski,P SinghQSP with appendices of equationsyesADAPTno
Target Mediated Drug Disposition Model of CPHPC in Patients with Systemic AmyloidosisT Sahota,A Berges,S Barton,L Cookson,S Zamuner,D RichardsTMDDyesNONMEMnoAlienor Berges Berges
Elucidating Differences in the Hepatotoxic Potential of Tolcapone and Entacapone With DILIsym®, a Mechanistic Model of Drug-Induced Liver InjuryDM Longo,Y Yang,PB Watkins,BA Howell,SQ SilerToxicity/PBPKyesDILIsym/MITOsym/SimPopsno
Semiphysiologically based pharmacokinetic model for midazolam and CYP3A mediated metabolite 1-OH-midazolam in morbidly obese and weight loss surgery patientsMJE Brill,PAJ Välitalo,AS Darwich,B van Ramshorst,HPA van Dongen,A Rostami–Hodjegan,M Danhof,CAJ Knibbeappendices with equationsyesNONMEMno
Applied Concepts in PBPK Modeling: How to Build a PBPK/PD ModelL Kuepfer, C Niederalt, T Wendl, J-F Schlender, S Willmann, J Lippert, M Block, T Eissing, D TeutonicoPBPK/PDyesPK-Sim/MoBiyes
Population Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modeling Analysis of GCC-4401C, a Novel Direct Factor Xa Inhibitor, in Healthy VolunteersHY Choi, S Choi, YH Kim, HS LimyesNONMEMno
Quantitative Prediction of Drug–Drug Interactions Involving Inhibitory Metabolites in Drug Development: How Can Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling Help?IE Templeton, Y Chen, J Mao, J Lin, H Yu, S Peters, M Shebley, MV VarmaPBPKyes (to check)SimCYPno
A Mathematical Modeling Approach to Understanding the Effect of Anti-Interleukin Therapy on EosinophilsT Karelina, V Voronova, O Demin, G Colice, BM AgoramQSPnono
Exploratory Population PK Analysis of Dupilumab, a Fully Human Monoclonal Antibody Against IL-4Rα, in Atopic Dermatitis Patients and Normal VolunteersP Kovalenko, AT DiCioccio, JD Davis, M Li, M Ardeleanu, NMH Graham, R SoltysPOPPKyesNONMEMno
Modeling Longitudinal Preclinical Tumor Size Data to Identify Transient Dynamics in Tumor Response to Antiangiogenic DrugsLG Hutchinson, H-J Mueller, EA Gaffney, PK Maini, J Wagg, A Phipps, C Boetsch, HM Byrne, B RibbayesMonolixno
Modeling of Large Pharmacokinetic Data Using Nonlinear Mixed-Effects: A Paradigm Shift in Veterinary Pharmacology. A Case Study With Robenacoxib in CatsL Pelligand, A Soubret, JN King, J Elliott, JP MochelPOPPKyesMonolixno
Mechanistic Models Predict Efficacy of CCR5-Deficient Stem Cell Transplants in HIV Patient PopulationsI Hosseini,F Mac GabhannPKPDyesMATLAByes
Modeling Ribavirin-Induced Anemia in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C VirusLS Wu,LC Jimmerson,CE MacBrayne,JJ Kiser,DZ D'Argenioequations in articlenoADAPTno
The Many Flavors of Model-Based Meta-Analysis: Part I—Introduction and Landmark DataM Boucher,M BennettsMBMAyesBUGS/NONMEMyes
A Population Pharmacokinetic Model for Vancomycin in Adult Patients Receiving Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation TherapyJN Moore, JR Healy, BN Thoma, MM Peahota, M Ahamadi, L Schmidt, NC Cavarocchi, WK KraftPopPKnoNONMEMnoAndre Jackson
A Tutorial on Pharmacodynamic Scripting Facility in SimcypK Abduljalil, D Edwards, A Barnett, RH Rose, T Cain, M JameiTutorialyesSimcypno
Levofloxacin-Induced QTc Prolongation Depends on the Time of Drug AdministrationL Kervezee, V Gotta, J Stevens, W Birkhoff, IMC Kamerling, M Danhof, JH Meijer, J BurggraafQTcyesNONMEMno
Population Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of the Calcimimetic Etelcalcetide in Chronic Kidney Disease and Secondary Hyperparathyroidism Receiving HemodialysisP Chen, P Olsson Gisleskog, JJ Perez-Ruixo, J Xiao, J Wilkins, A Narayanan, JP Gibbs, M MelhemPK/PDnoNONMEMno
Predictive Performance of Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic and Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Renally Cleared Drugs in ChildrenW Zhou, TN Johnson, H Xu, SYA Cheung, KH Bui, J Li, N Al-Huniti, D ZhouPBPK, PopPKnoSimcyp version 14.1no
Model-Based Characterization of the Pharmacokinetics of Pembrolizumab: A Humanized Anti–PD-1 Monoclonal Antibody in Advanced Solid TumorsM Ahamadi, T Freshwater, M Prohn, CH Li, DP de Alwis, R de Greef, J Elassaiss-Schaap, A Kondic, JA StonePopPK model analysisNot AvailableNONMEM, XPOSE, PsN, RYes, Data Simulation
Model-Based Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Nivolumab in Patients With Solid TumorsG Bajaj, X Wang, S Agrawal, M Gupta, A Roy, Y FengPopPK model analysisNot AvailableNONMEM, R, S plusYes, Data Simulation
Population Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modeling of Tumor Size Dynamics in Pembrolizumab‐Treated Advanced MelanomaMS Chatterjee, J Elassaiss-Schaap, A Lindauer, DC Turner, A Sostelly, T Freshwater, K Mayawala, M Ahamadi, JA Stone, R de Greef, AG Kondic, DP de AlwisMixture modelYesYes, Data Simulation
Quantitative Characterization of the Exposure–Response Relationship for Cancer Immunotherapy: A Case Study of Nivolumab in Patients With Advanced MelanomaX Wang, Y Feng, G Bajaj, M Gupta, S Agrawal, A Yang, J-S Park, B Lestini, A RoyPopPK modelYesYes, Data Simulation
Translational Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modeling of Tumor Growth Inhibition Supports Dose‐Range Selection of the Anti–PD‐1 Antibody PembrolizumabA Lindauer, CR Valiathan, K Mehta, V Sriram, R de Greef, J Elassaiss-Schaap, DP de AlwisTranslational PKPD modelYesMATLABYes, Data Simulation
Using Model-Based “Learn and Confirm” to Reveal the Pharmacokinetics-Pharmacodynamics Relationship of Pembrolizumab in the KEYNOTE-001 TrialJ Elassaiss-Schaap, S Rossenu, A Lindauer, SP Kang, R de Greef, JR Sachs, DP de AlwisPKPD modelYesNONMEM, XPOSE, PsN, RYes, Data Simulation
Characterization of Contributing Factors to Variability in Morphine Clearance Through PBPK Modeling Implemented With OCT1 TransporterC Emoto, T Fukuda, TN Johnson, S Neuhoff, S Sadhasivam, AA VinksPBPK modelNot AvailableSimcypYes, Data Simulation
Multiscale modeling reveals inhibitory and stimulatory effects of caffeine on acetaminophen-induced toxicity in humansC Thiel, H Cordes, V Baier, LM Blank, L KuepferPBPK modelNot AvailablePksim, MoBiReal Data
p16INK4a, a Senescence Marker, Influences Tenofovir/Emtricitabine Metabolite Disposition in HIV-Infected SubjectsJB Dumond, JW Collins, ML Cottrell, CR Trezza, HMA Prince, C Sykes, C Torrice, N White, S Malone, R Wang, KB Patterson, NE Sharpless, A ForrestNon Linear mixewd effect modelling of BiomarkersNot AvailableNOMEMReal Data
Population Pharmacokinetics Modeling of Unbound Efavirenz, Atazanavir, and Ritonavir in HIV-Infected Subjects With Aging BiomarkersJB Dumond, J Chen, M Cottrell, CR Trezza, HMA Prince, C Sykes, C Torrice, N White, S Malone, R Wang, KB Patterson, NE Sharpless, A ForrestPopPK modelNot AvailableNONMEM, RReal Data
Mathematical modeling of the effects of CK2.3 on mineralization in osteoporotic boneA Lisberg, R Ellis, K Nicholson, P Moku, A Swarup, P Dhurjati, A NohePBPK modelYesReal Data
Prediction of in vivo and in vitro infection model results using a semimechanistic model of avibactam and aztreonam combination against multidrug resistant organismsSKB Sy, L Zhuang, H Xia, M-E Beaudoin, VJ Schuck, H DerendorfSemi mechanistic PKPD modelNot AvailableReal Data
AFIR: A Dimensionless Potency Metric for Characterizing the Activity of Monoclonal AntibodiesAM Stein, R RamakrishnaTarget Mediated Drug Disposition(TMDD) ModelNot AvailableMatlab R2015aYes, data simulation
Investigating Transporter-Mediated Drug-Drug Interactions Using a Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model of RosuvastatinQ Wang, M Zheng, T LeilPBPK modelNot AvailableSimiCypYes, data simulation
Morphine Pharmacodynamics in Mechanically VentilaP. A. Välitalo, E. H. J. Krekels, M. van Dijk, S. H. P. Simons, D. Tibboel, C. A. J. KnibbePD modelNot AvailableNONMEM,Perl-speaks-NONMEM,RReal Data
Population Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Benralizumab in Healthy Volunteers and Patients With AsthmaB Wang, L Yan, Z Yao, LK RoskosPK/PD modelNot AvailableNONMEMYes, data simulation
Development and Qualification of Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Models for Drugs With Atypical Distribution Behavior: A Desipramine Case StudyTS Samant, V Lukacova, S SchmidtPBPK modelNot AvailableGastroPlusYes, data simulation
Evaluating Dosage Optimality for Tofacitinib, an Oral Janus Kinase Inhibitor, in Plaque Psoriasis, and the Influence of Body WeightMM Hutmacher, K Papp, S Krishnaswami, K Ito, H Tan, R Wolk, H Valdez, C Mebus, ST Rottinghaus, P GuptaPKPD- Exposure response modelNot AvailableNONMEMReal Data
Population Pharmacokinetics of Morphine in Patients With Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) and Healthy AdultsV Pierre, CK Johnston, BC Ferslew, KLR Brouwer, D GonzalezPOpPK modelNot AvailableNONMEM,Perl-speaks-NONMEM,RYes, data simulation
Population Pharmacokinetics of Selumetinib and Its Metabolite N-desmethyl-selumetinib in Adult Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors and Children With Low-Grade GliomasYT Patel, VM Daryani, P Patel, D Zhou, J Fangusaro, DJ Carlile, PD Martin, L Aarons, CF StewartPOpPK modelNot AvailableNONMEMYes, data simulation
Population Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Exploratory Exposure–Response Analyses of Apixaban in Subjects Treated for Venous ThromboembolismW Byon, K Sweeney, C Frost, RA BoydPopPK,PKPD- Exposure response modelNot AvailableNONMEM, PsN,XposeYes, data simulation